Two friends, both long term movie prop collectors, came up with an idea about how to help people new to the hobby get their collections started. They envisioned a range of ready to hang, quality and affordable displays made up from authentic production made movie props.  Each display would be a numbered and limited edition allowing the new or seasoned collector the opportunity to own a genuine piece of some of the big screens iconic movie characters. One guy was a Brit, the other an American…. and so the Limey and Yank Prop Co. was born.

Here at the L & Y Prop Co. we take an authentic production made movie prop and carefully scan it for specific detailing and identifying characteristics before cataloguing each piece. The piece is then grid cut into sections or swatches for use in our displays and a full Certificate of Authenticity detailing the exact piece used, is produced. It is not our intention to desecrate one off or unique movie props and everyone knows that multiple versions of certain types of props are made for use in a production. It is our intent to use one of those many genuine versions available to offer collectors the opportunity to own their own piece of movie history. We GUARANTEE that L & Y Prop Co. will NEVER offer more than one limited edition display from a character and will NEVER grid cut a one off or unique prop for use in our displays!! Our displays are all GUARANTEED true limited edition meaning that if it is a run of 100, only 100 will ever be produced. No mass marketing or reproductions here!! Each display will come framed and ready to hang with;

* Custom themed graphics

* Sequential numbering

* Separate Certificate of Authenticity

* Tamper proof authentication system.

We want nothing more than for our customers to open their package and say “Wow… this is really cool!”

We intend to do a full range of displays and here is just a taster of what’s to come;

* The Incredible Hulk – Energy Drink Label Display (100 Limited Edition run)

* Pirates of the Caribbean – Bootstrap Bill Turner make up display (80 Limited Edition run)

* Star Trek – Borg costume swatch display (100 Limited Edition run)

* Hellboy – Hellboy chest and back appliance display (100 Limited Edition run)

Our motto is; “Quality, Authentic and affordable Movie prop displays, made by genuine collectors who do actually care what you think!”

Check back soon for more updates!!